Are you one in a million? We need your help to find them!

Are you one in a million?

The shores of Lake Windermere have been home to YMCA Lakeside since the 1950s. Over the past 60 plus years more than a million young people have visited our outdoor education centre, sailing on the lake, walking the local hills and having the time of their life.

Some things have changed over the years, the canoes are lighter and easier to handle, lifejackets are more comfortable to wear and you can now book your visit online – something that would have been science fiction to a 1960s teenager!

Yet there’s plenty about Lakeside that remains the same:

  • You’ll still enjoy one of the most amazing views in the world (in our opinion) while breakfasting in our restaurant.
  • We’re still a charity and re-invest proceeds to make sure schools, companies and families have the best possible outdoor adventure experience.
  • As always we have highly trained instructors working to the highest safety standards possible.
  • Even today we make the most of the natural resources on our doorstep, giving you the chance to cave, climb, abseil and hike in the hills around Windermere.

And even more importantly:

  • We’re still inspiring young people to grow in body, mind and spirit.


View over the Canoes

Looking back as we plan our future

The next couple of years will see more changes at Lakeside as we build our new South Centre. This new facility, which is designed with the environment in mind, will allow us to welcome the next million young people to Lakeside.

To celebrate this new step in our history, over the coming weeks and months we’ll take a look back at the people who have visited, stayed or had their lives changed for the better at Lakeside.

Do you know anyone who visited Lakeside?

While we know the more famous faces who have passed through our doors and our more regular visitors, there are many more we’d love to hear from. And we need your help to find them.

  • Do you know anyone who visited Lakeside in our early days?
  • Do you, or someone you know, recognise any of the faces in our ‘Memorable Moments’ pictures?
Day camp 1972 3


day camp 1979 2


Landscape memorable moments


If so, please get in touch and let us know how these young people’s lives turned out. Please call us on 01539 539000, email or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter if you want us to tell your story.

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