Back to nature with a camping trip to Lakeside

Great value school trips that put young people in touch with nature

School trips should be about giving young people a different experience. One that takes them out of their comfort zone, challenges them to try new things and helps them to thrive in a new environment.

Camping at Lakeside offers all this and more – and it’s cheaper too. Each year we welcome many schools who visit Lakeside especially for our camping experience. St Nicholas Church of England School in Berkshire, has been visiting our campsite for more than 40 years. Teacher Keith Harvey says:

“We love the camping. It’s such a beautiful location and provides something different to the usual Year 6 residential trips. The children always have great fun and love the experience of sleeping outdoors. It enables them to thrive in a very different situation to home.”

Sleeping under the stars

It’s all about getting back to nature in our ready-made tent village, which sleeps up to 60. There are some creature comforts though. Each tent has a wooden floor and mattresses, and sleeps up to 8 children, while teachers’ tents feature z-beds for extra comfort.

camp_fire - 440 x 330

More experience for less money

At a time when school and parents’ finances are already stretched, camping is also a cost effective alternative to hostel-style residentials.

In some ways, camping at Lakeside offers more. The children still enjoy the same day and evening activities that we offer hostel visitors. During relaxation time, however, campers are more likely to play outdoors, whether it’s a kick about with a ball or a game of Frisbee.

Tony Ball, Programme Operations Manager says:

“We find that camping strips everything back to basics. It teaches young people that they can do without some of the things they think they need.”

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