Changing for the future at YMCA Lakeside

With construction well under way on the new build Stoller Campus school facility at YMCA Lakeside the net was cast far and wide to find a new captain to take the helm… Step forward Steve Scott who has developed projects for the YMCA on an international level.

With extensive experience of designing social impact projects and overseeing capital developments, Steve took up his new role in September 2018. As the original and founder Manager of YMCA Fairthorne Manor – Family Park in Southampton, Steve plans to bring outdoor adventure to a whole new audience and is keen to involve the local community in a range of innovative new projects.
Following some years as an Outdoor Education Instructor in Victoria, Australia Steve went on to become Director at YMCA Camp Jewell in NW Connecticut USA.

Most recently Steve headed up a £16m new build YMCA Community Activity Village in Nottinghamshire. This will stand him in good stead for managing the £6.8m new build at the YMCA Lakeside Newby Bridge site. Work is on schedule to be complete in Spring 2019 and visitors are being surprised at the speed in which the new campus is taking shape. Lakeside is looking to welcome over 10,000 children next year and many returning groups can expect to be delighted with the standard of the new accommodation. – Many of the existing buildings on site have been in continual use since the 1940’s and have therefore deteriorated due to lack of funds to reinvest. The new Stoller campus heralds a whole new era for YMCA Lakeside and the entire team a re keen to show off the new facilities.

Opportunities for sponsoring a bed within the new facility are still available-with the £200 per bed donation enabling the sponsor to have their name or message on a special glass feature wall within the building.

With over 10 years’ experience working internationally with the YMCA Steve was originally a trained architect. He says that he has moved on from working with & admiring great buildings to helping people appreciate the wonder of the great outdoors –and where better to find that than in the Lake District.”