Diary Date: join us at the 2018 ISE conference on 28 March

Diary Date: we’re exhibiting at the ISE conference

On Wednesday 28th March, we’ll be exhibiting at the Institute of Student Employees (ISE) Conference & Awards 2018. The annual event (previously known as the AGR) brings together organisations and professionals responsible for employing young people, including graduates and apprentices.

Lakeside is part of the development-focused exhibition, which runs alongside the conference and includes organisations that support apprentice and graduate development.

It’s an opportunity for employers to find out more about our professional development programmes, and how we can help young people to make the transition from student to employee swiftly and successfully.

Character development

It’s not always easy for young people to make the leap from education to employment. Having spent a lifetime following instruction from parents, teachers and lecturers, taking responsibility and developing a self-led approach to work can take time.

More and more employers are recognising that good professional development programmes, like those we offer at Lakeside, can facilitate and accelerate this process. Tony Ball, Programme Operations Manager, says:

“Our graduate and apprentice development programmes are designed to take young people out of their comfort zone and into managed situations that challenge them to take ownership and try new things.

“Importantly, we get delegates to reflect on their experience and performance and work out how to do things better and more effectively in the future. This reflection can be an incredibly powerful way to accelerate learning and transform behaviour.”



Raft on land


You can read more about how our professional development programmes can transform behaviours and improve performance and business success by reading our recent experiential learning article.

Better prepared for the world of work

As well as changing behaviours, Lakeside’s professional development programmes help delegates to become more resilient and self-confident, better preparing young people for working life.

If you’re visiting the ISE Student Development Conference, come along and say hello.

Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about how our graduate and apprentice development programmes can help your new employees, call 01539 539000 or email lakesideenq@fyldecoastymca.org.

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