Give them a challenge – swap Wi-Fi for conversation!

Give them a challenge – swap Wi-Fi for conversation!

The idea of taking your graduates, trainees and apprentices even further out of their comfort zone appealed to quite a lot of you!

Back in May, we told you that camping can add another dimension to our professional development programmes. Following the article many of you called to ask about our more ‘extreme’ professional development programmes, and how your trainees could benefit.

Designed around you

As with all our professional development programmes, we design the tasks and challenges around your organisation’s needs and the objectives you want to achieve. At the heart of all our programmes is reflective practice: delegates learn a new skill, practice the skill, reflect on their performance and that of their teammates, and then identify improvements that can be made.

Add an overnight stay in a tent to the mix and we can stretch your people even further.


Away from technology

Following the evening activity, your trainees will be brought together around an open camp fire, on which they’ll bake the pizzas they made earlier in the day.

They’re taken away from technology and into an environment that encourages conversation. In a world where instant messaging, social media and bite-sized news flashes keep people glued to their smart phones, the group will have the opportunity to talk about their day, the challenges they faced, and their team and personal achievements. It’s all part of the reflective practice and continuous improvement process.

“The art of conversation is being lost,” says Jamie Gordon, Senior Instructor for Learning Development. “Sometimes all that’s needed to remind ourselves of this is to be taken back to basics. With our camping challenge, the group spends the evening under the stars, talking to one another, followed by a night under canvas.”

The camping element can be included as part of a longer professional development programme, or as a short, two-day intensive programme.

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