Are you up for the Lakeside Challenge Cup?

Are you up for the Lakeside Challenge Cup?

Is your team skilled at problem-solving, teamwork and leadership? Can you work well under pressure? Are you up for an adventure? And can you beat the best?

If the answer is yes, then why not sign up for our Challenge Cup competition?

Developed especially for corporate groups, the Challenge Cup takes place throughout September. Each weekend, teams of 6 from different companies will take on the same set of challenges, and be awarded points for teamwork, creativity and how well they complete each task.

When all teams have completed the event, the team with the most points will be crowned Challenge Cup Champion.

Each company can enter as many teams as they like. The weekend runs from late Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. The entry fee covers all accommodation, food, activities, tuition and safety equipment, and includes a donation that contributes directly towards the building costs for our new, South Camp school and young person’s centre.

Fun with a serious side

While the focus is definitely on fun, as with all our adventure programmes, there is a serious side, as Tony Ball, Programme Operations Manager explains:

“As well as a fun team-building exercise, the tasks are designed to test and benchmark the skills of each team and the leadership capabilities of individuals. Through this type of experiential learning, your colleagues will learn more about themselves and develop soft skills that can help to improve business performance.”


The challenges offer something for everyone. Tasks range from land-based trust activities to the famous raft race, where teams must work together to build a raft that will stay afloat long enough for them to reach the finish line on Lake Windermere.

Book now

If you think your team has what it takes to become the inaugural Challenge Cup Champion then let us know. For more information, or to book, call 01539 539000 or email

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