Add an extra challenge to your talent development programme

Add an extra challenge to your talent development programme

Our professional development programmes are designed to stretch your people. During day and evening activities, they learn different ways of working, alternative approaches to problem-solving and how working as a team can bring success.

But did you know that we can add another dimension to our tailored programmes?

Including a night’s camping in your package, can take your people even further out of their comfort zone and develop their skills.

An unforgettable experience

By incorporating camping into the development programme delegates are given a completely different experience. One that, for some, can be even more challenging than high wire or water-based challenges, as Tony Ball, Programme Operations Manager says:

“We find that camping strips everything back to basics, suddenly you can’t just switch on a light or plug in a mobile phone. We find the experience shows delegates that they can actually manage without some of the things they think they need.”

Sleeping under the stars

It’s all about getting back to nature in our ready-made tent village, which sleeps up to 60. There are some creature comforts though. Each tent, which sleeps up to 8 people, has a wooden floor and mattresses. There’s also a nearby toilet and shower block, with lit access.

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