Changing attitudes to mental health #IAMWHOLE

Changing attitudes to mental health #IAMWHOLE

Mental health difficulties are costing young people their education, their employment prospects and, without support, their lives. In conjunction with the NHS, YMCA is helping to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health and, on last week’s World Mental Health Day, launched the 2017 #IAMWHOLE campaign.

#IAMWHOLE calls on individuals of all ages to take a stand against negative stereotypes and language surrounding mental health. It challenges people to think about the words they use, at school and at work, and to learn more about the impact these stereotypes and insults can have.

Mental health difficulties among children and young people are common, and can be both persistent and damaging. It can also affect some people throughout their lives, unless they receive effective treatment.

“Recent studies show that more young people than ever before are suffering mental health issues and it’s an issue that affects businesses too. Our Resilience Programme, which helps people to experience and learn the behaviours necessary to cope with the challenges of the working environment are becoming more popular,” said Tony Ball, Programme Operations Manager.

“The #IAMWHOLE campaign aims to tackle this problem at an early age. By removing the stigma associated with mental health, young people will be encouraged to speak out about the issues they’re facing. By seeking treatment at an early age, young people can be given the help they need to grow into resilient adults, who are better placed to take on the challenges of working life,” said Tony.

Raising awareness

Celebrities including Jordan Stephens, Ed Sheeran, James Cordon, Liam Gallagher and Dermot O’Leary helped to raise awareness of the #IAMWHOLE campaign. It’s not too late for you to play your part too.

How you can help

  1. Find out more – watch the #IAMWHOLE video.
  2. Help us to support young people – donate by texting ‘WHOLE’ to 70007 to donate £3 to YMCA today, or donate online at BT MyDonate. Your donations will help us to continue to deliver mental health initiatives that change young lives.
  3. Challenge harmful language – think about the culture in your workplace. Do you and your colleagues use positive language or negative stereotypes when talking about mental health? If it’s the latter, make a change so that anyone dealing with mental health issues can ask for help without fear of negative labels.
  4. Ask for support if you need it – speak to friends, parents, teachers, youth workers GPs or services listed on the Find Get Give website.

Find out more about the #IAMWHOLE  campaign 2017 here.

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