Does your child’s school know about the Schools Challenge Cup?

Does your child’s school know about the Schools Challenge Cup?

At Lakeside we provide adventure holidays for schools throughout the country and overseas. These visits are great fun for students and give them so much more.

While they’re having fun, we’re also giving young people soft skills, such as self-confidence, leadership and teamwork skills, that will prove useful throughout their school and working life.

Cost-effective visits

To give as many schools as possible the opportunity to benefit from our educational adventure holidays, we run an annual, out-of-season weekend competition known as the Schools Challenge Cup.

By hosting the Schools Challenge Cup in February each year we can keep costs to a minimum, making it excellent value for money. Tony Ball, Programme Operations Manager says:

“Schools tell us that the Schools Challenge Cup is one of the best value visits they can offer students, and it’s becoming more and more popular.”

How it works

Held in February 2018, the Challenge Cup is open to Year 9 & 10 students. Each weekend, from late Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, teams of six students from different schools take on the same set of challenges. They are awarded points for teamwork, creativity and how well they complete each task. When all teams have completed the event, the school with the most points is crowned the Schools Challenge Cup Champion.

How students benefit

As with all the adventure programmes we offer at Lakeside, the Schools Challenge Cup helps to develop soft skills, such as team working and problem solving skills. We see young people growing in self-confidence, self-reliance and self-esteem when they achieve things they previously thought impossible.

Our programmes are also used by schools to re-engage and motivate students to reach their full potential. And, perhaps most important of all, students have a fantastic time in the process.

A fun way to learn

Through this type of experiential learning, our young people discover the value of applying themselves to a task, and how their individual and team efforts determine their success. These are skills that are useful throughout their lives and will help to make them more valuable members of the workplace.



If you think your child’s school would be interested in taking part in the Schools Challenge Cup 2018 ask them to call 01539 539000 or email for details and available dates.

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