Give your students a head start in the world of work

Give your students a head start in the world of work

It’s almost time for the class of 2017 to leave school or college and take their first steps into the world of work.

Yet the transformation from school or college leaver to valuable employee can be a giant leap for some young people. Following a lifetime of instruction from parents, teachers and lecturers it can take time to adapt to a more self-led approach to work.

But what if you could give students at your school or college a head start?

A head start for young people

That’s the aim of our Developing Self Led Learners Programme, as Tony Ball, Programme Operations Manager, explains:

“Many young people go straight from the classroom into the workplace. They’ve left a world where they’re directed in almost every aspect of their learning, and suddenly they’re expected to be self-reliant, and able to work independently”

Through a series of experiential learning tasks, young people are given support in learning how to be more independent and self-reliant – skills they’ll need as they move into work and higher education. They’re taken out of their comfort zone and into managed situations that challenge them to take ownership, try new things, demonstrate leadership qualities and work as a team to solve problems.

“We see an amazing change within young people as the programme progresses. You can see them taking charge of situations, communicating better and becoming more confident,” adds Tony.


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Beyond the academic curriculum

In today’s competitive world, students need to find a way to stand out from the crowd, when it comes to applying for higher education courses, apprenticeships or jobs. Demonstrating they have the ‘soft skills’ to succeed in the wider world, can give them a head start with would-be employers.

The course covers a range of subjects from ‘who’s making breakfast’ to task-based exercise that teach them to deliver outcomes against a brief, without constant supervision. In other words, useful skills that they can apply in everyday life and, as they progress through different life stages, in higher education and the world of business.

Don’t just take our word for it. Students from The Glasgow Academy have been visiting Lakeside for several years. Assistant Head, Andrew Evans, says:

“Led by their experienced instructors, the days are filled with challenging physical and metal tasks. This valuable experience stimulates and encourages the development of interpersonal skills which we believe are important in maximising the benefit [to young people].”

If you want to give your students a head start in the world, then find out more about our YMCA – Developing Self Led Learners. Call 01539 539000 or email

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