Making strides with The Journey Programme

Making strides with The Journey Programme

Almost every school in the country has that small core of students in each year group who, despite having enormous potential, for one reason or another disengage from school.  And, if these behaviours are not addressed, they can carry on when they leave school and move into the workplace.

To get these students back on track, we developed The Journey Programme, which we piloted with students from Lytham St Anne’s Technology and Performing Arts College.

The programme aims to re-engage students by working on their resilience and giving them a focus.

Building resilience

A group of Year 9 students were invited to take part in the programme. Following a series of after-school classes, the culmination of the course was a three-day expedition designed and implemented by the pupils.

Jamie Gordon, Lakeside Senior Instructor for Training, explained the theory:

“At Lakeside, our philosophy is that learning is best achieved when structured around an experience. By offering young people the opportunity to actively experiment with ideas and behaviours enables them to explore the impact of their decisions in an emotive setting. Anchoring their learning to a memory or emotion in this way makes it a much more powerful and lasting learning experience.”

The desired result of this supported experiential learning is that the students will become more resilient. By demonstrating how much they can achieve with the right support, the aim is that they’ll re-engage with school and education and, in the longer term, have better work prospects.

Early indications

While the overall results of the programme are still being collated, early indications and anecdotal evidence are very positive. Despite facing some inclement weather, the students coped incredibly well with the expedition, something that they would not have thought possible before the programme began.

If the measurable benefits mirror the anecdotal results, Lakeside hopes to apply for external funding to roll The Journey Programme out to more schools in the future.

Lytham St Annes Journey Programme Expedition 2 - Oct 17

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