How school trips can lead to happier adults

How school trips can lead to happier adults

School trips and away days are a vital part of a young person’s development, and can have a positive effect on their future success at work.

Mental and physical benefits

Recent NHS data shows that more young people than ever before are being admitted to hospital suffering from anxiety. One in 10 children suffers from a diagnosable mental health problem, and 75% of mental illness starts before the age of 24*.

Early intervention is therefore vital to help prevent children growing into adults with mental health problems. It’s well documented that being outdoors and having the opportunity to explore and interact with nature offers a wealth of mental and physical benefits for children**.  Yet opportunities for children to be outdoors appear to be reducing, with children aged five to 16 reported to be spending, on average, 6.5 hours a day in front of a screen^.

For some children, school trips and visits can be their first real introduction to outdoor adventures.

The implications for business

Another, less widely reported impact of the outdoor adventure programmes for schools we offer at Lakeside, is that they can help young people to become more resilient in later life.

Lord Digby Jones, former chairman of the CBI, stated that a potential impact of children spending less time outdoors is that they fail to learn to cope with the risks and challenges they’ll face throughout life, commenting:

‘If we never took a risk our children would not learn to walk, climb stairs, ride a bicycle or swim; business would not develop innovative new products… scientists would not experiment and discover, we would not have great art, literature, music and architecture’

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