Otters return to Lakeside for the winter

Otters return to Lakeside for the winter

If you need something to warm your heart on a cold winter morning, then what better than this glimpse of otters playing near Lakeside.

Our location, on the shore of Lake Windermere, means that we’re surrounded by a wealth of wildlife. The otters have been visiting at this time of year for several seasons now, presumably to spend the winter months fishing in Windermere.

5 otter facts

  • Otters do not have blubber. To keep warm their fur is denser than any other animal on Earth.
  • Otters can remain underwater for to 4 minutes and dive to a depth of 300 feet.
  • Male otters are called boars, females are called sows, their young are called pups and they live in a holt.
  • An otter’s tail is approximately a third of its body length. It uses its tail for swimming and to protect itself.
  • Otters are highly intelligent and are known to use tools to help them hunt and feed.

Feel better by getting back to nature

Research from Natural England* has shown that getting back to nature and spending time in the outdoors offers numerous physical and mental health benefits, not to mention enhanced learning opportunities.

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