Sponsor a Bed


Set on the shore of Lake Windermere, YMCA Lakeside is one of the largest professional outdoor activity centres in the country that works with schools, youth groups, families and businesses.

We provide high quality residential and day experiences for over 7000 young people from a wide range of backgrounds every year, all designed to inspire them to grow in body, mind and spirit.

Through their experiences at Lakeside – overcoming challenges, defeating fears, changing perceptions and supporting others – our young people gain skills and character traits that will serve them throughout

life. These include hard work, resilience, learning from both success and failure, solving problems, leadership, teamwork, being knocked down and knowing you can get straight back up again.

Many of the buildings on site have been in continual use since the 1940’s and are simply worn out by the many young people it has hosted and unfortunately they have been deteriorating since the 1990’s due to lack of investment.

We have worked hard to raise funds to complete our new build Stoller Campus. We have completely transformed our south camp site and the new Stoller Campus is a world class outdoor education centre that we hope will ensure Lakeside continues to be a place of inspiration and aspiration for the next generation of young people. We still need your help. Every penny we raise from every bed we manage to get sponsored will go into our bursary fund- providing financial help for those most in need to make a visit.