Stay safe while enjoying the water this summer

Stay safe in the water this summer

It’s officially summer and we’re already seeing the promise of warmer weather on the way. With Lake Windermere literally on our doorstep, we’ll be making the most of the summer months for kayaking, rafting and other water sports.

As with everything we do at Lakeside, safety is paramount. This year, we’ve purchased new safety equipment and buoyancy aids to make sure that all our visitors can enjoy the water with confidence.

Understanding the dangers of open water

If you’re taking part in organised water sports and activities, such as those we offer here at Lakeside, procedures will be followed and equipment will be at hand to keep you safe.

But that’s not always the case if you’re visiting public areas of open water with friends or family. Sadly around 400 people drown in the UK each year, with 85% of accidental drownings occurring at open water sites.

By taking a few sensible precautions, however, and making your children aware of potential dangers, you can help to keep yourself and your family safe this summer, yet still have fun.

Keeping you and your family safe:

The Royal Life Saving Society’s national Drowning Prevention Week campaign which recently took place was all about teaching people how to stay safe near water. Take a look at the Royal Life Saving Society website for more information, but here are a few important tips to help keep you safe:

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  • Jumping or falling into cold water, especially on a warm day, can cause a ‘gasp’ reflex, allowing water to enter your mouth and/or airways. Always enter unknown water slowly to allow your body to acclimatise.
  • Stay within your depth and swim parallel rather than away from the shore. Currents and rip tides can cause problems even for strong swimmers.
  • Sharp rocks and sometimes broken glass can be hazardous in still water, e.g. lakes, lochs and reservoirs, as there is no tide or strong current to wear down sharp edges. Rubber surf or reef shoes can help to protect you.
  • Take a waterproof or windproof jacket with you if you’re out on a small boat, canoe or kayak. In hot weather, evaporation from wet clothing can still cause the body to chill but even a light windproof jacket will help to keep you warm if your clothes get wet.

For more information about organised water sports and activities at Lakeside, email or call 01539 539000.

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