Free taster sessions

If you’re considering Lakeside for your school’s residential, then why not experience it for yourself first?  After all, it’s the best way to find out what we have to offer and how our outdoor adventure programme can benefit your young people.

Contact us today to find out more about our free taster sessions for teachers and youth leaders.

Outdoor Education Teacher Training

Everyone learns differently. For some young people, traditional classroom learning is difficult, but take them out into the real world and suddenly it can all make sense.

More and more studies are showing the benefits, and chance of a better future, that outdoor learning can bring for young people.

Here at Lakeside we can develop your teaching skills – and your CV – with our accredited outdoor learning courses.

Call us on 01539 539 000 or email lakesideenq@fyldecoastymca.org to arrange your free taster day now!

High quality outdoor learning

We show you how the right setting can help young people to learn effectively and achieve more through outdoor learning. Our course is based around 10 key outcomes for young people:

  • Enjoyment
  • Confidence and character
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Social and emotional awareness
  • Environmental awareness
  • Activity skills
  • Personal qualities
  • Skills for life
  • Increased motivation and appetite for learning
  • Broadened horizons